Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Distracted is not the Same thing as Distraction

Ha ha, I apparently was so distracted getting the Owl Project ready for its launch, I practically rewrote my first post about it.

No, I won't post that nestbox again.

Perhaps a cute owl this time ...

Boobook eyes by Ross Hollands

However, I hardly touched the subject of owls today, preparing instead a story for submitting it to a Ticonderoga Publications Anthology.  

>>>>> And it's away. 

Maybe tomorrow, after I have unofficially launched the owls into the ether, I can get back to Monster-moored. 

The day after that, the 18th, is the National Landcare Conference and at high noon I'm told is the official launch of the Pozible/LandcareNSW Environmental Collection! 

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