Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Reviving Kosi Lionhair

When I posted the first instalment of Kosi Lionhair on #saturdayscenes I didn't make any changes from its previous incarnation. Then I reread the rest of the material. for future Saturdays, you understand. I remembered the difficulties I had with the plot. And remembered that I was unable to finish it ...

It was so long ago that I've lost the sketch-portrait I made of Kosi.

Kosi Lionhair began life about five years ago when I thought to expand the envelope, and write a novel in instalments and blog them, journal style, in the voice and POV of a young girl. Naturally writing into the universe I am still discovering, of the Australia Archipelago, a bunch of islands where once was a continent.

This particular story starts in one of the old cities with most of its buildings now with their feet in the tide. (the 'now' being in the present time in the story, 2210+/- AD).

So after I retrieved this one from the various files and after re-reading everything, I first straightened out the convoluted event horizon. I imposed a simplified plot adapted from the various aspects and decided I would need to toss quite a bit.

Well no I usually don't trash very easily. The detritus is sitting below the red line, waiting to be looked at with the Holmesian magnifying glass.

These days I do Scene Maps. A table, across the top 1) Name and number of scene, 2) Plot/Timeline 3) Observable actions 4) Observable emotions.

A couple more columns specifically for the particular story I'm working on. For Kosi Lionheart I'll be thinking particularly about 5) Technology because a large part of the story takes place in a spaceship, and 6) Politics because the powers-that-be of the day need to be convinced to allow Kosi and her friends to return to Earth.

EG of first row of Scene Map for Kosi Lionhair:

Observable Action/What’s New
Observable Emotions
1, Kosi Lionhair

Starting in Tween house for linear. 
Peering thru louvres;
13 is for eating birthday cake, picking your proper name & going outside on your own
Complained about her father
Scrubber to take out smells in the air
Tween houses for illegal children held in reserve against disaster. 
“These days, the Life Lotteries target the families of the government’s enemies.”

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