Thursday, November 27, 2014

When Planning Goes Out the Door

I often wonder how writers who plan their days manage it. With the time for writing, eating, socialising etc in specific hours. The whole day is scheduled. How do they manage when inspiration hits? I wonder whether that time is also meted out, and the tap turned off when the hours are done?

Today was slated to be a day of housework. Not that I write these chores on a slate. More like an old envelope. A list of jobs to be done before Saturday. The cool weather after the storm. Perfect day for it.

The remains of the plague of Argentinian Scarab Beetles needed to be swept up, the ants trying to move indoors had to be vacuumed as well as the clots of dust and dandelion parasols lying about.

Ants all over the ceiling.
They have not accepted the new arrangements yet. 
I woke before dawn and spent the next hour planning the beginning chapters of a novel not-on-the-go. Why that one, I don't know. I'm up to date with my Saturday Scenes post. I'm needing inspiration on Old Gaunt, the prequel to Monster-Moored which is still with the beta-readers. The Owl project is in abeyance. What else?

Did I read at breakfast? I don't recall.

I knew I shouldn't sit down in front of the computer because I'd start writing. I folded washing. Vacuumed beetles. Vacuumed ants from overhead. Dusted corners and shifted a set of shelves. Earned myself a cup of coffee.

I knew I shouldn't sit in front of the ... but I did, coffee in hand. I knew I shouldn't start writing so I read everything I have already written of the this novel not-on-the-go. A couple of times admired my own writing, tutted over the need for some serious editing. Lunchtime passed without my notice.


A friend arrived to ask about rain gauges and how to record. I photocopied her a couple of charts. after she'd gone a realised how hungry I was. More sitting down. I started writing the new beginning chapter of the novel not-on-the-go. I don't even have a working title for it yet. Or rather I had one that didn't suit. Wrote. Two thousand words.

Had to stop or miss my walk. Dark coming on. Need for food prep. Eating. Watched a rerun of The Vikings with that haunting music and the impossibly blue-eyed Australian actor as Ragnar Loftbroggen.  Emails. This.

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