Friday, December 12, 2014

Kosi Lionhair as a Blog: Will I or Won't I?

A Pretend Picnic in the Tween House, Hen's Pocket Knife
Due to the difficulties I'm having finding solutions to seemingly intractable Blogger problems, and the time it is taking coming to the intractability conclusion, I'm thinking of converting the Page where I'm archiving Kosi Lionhair to its own blog.

Not all plain sailing.

First I will need to get art quick smart. IE before I start the blog. I always feel that I have wasted an opportunity for communication + if I post without a picture.

Second are decisions such as am I going with the set pattern? Or am I going dynamic? Obviously dynamic is the 'should'. People read on their phones. I don't know how, but I expect their eyes and fine motor skills are younger than mine.

Third is the kind of art I should hope for. Or make that, organise for. I'd love not to have to do too much thinking in this direction. Because thinking = time, no matter that I love making the art. I also made a choice. Writing it is. One thing I can do is re-purpose art already on hand. In the above case by taking a shot from Hezzie's story and transferring it into the Kosi Lionhair story.

Fourth, in conjunction with the above, is the increased knowledge I need in relation to size and dpi and resolution. If for example I ask various young people to produce some of the art for me. The previous thing I published is all wrong according to someone working in the field. I always want to ask, what field is that exactly?

Fifth. I don't really want to think up another consideration though I'm sure I'll find one or two. Time will tell.

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