Monday, December 29, 2014

Kosi Lionhair Page Rejigged

This is a photo from
The buildings of Parra7 reflected in the water they stand in. 

A couple of reasons decided me to rejig the Kosi Lionhair Page rather than start another blog.

1) The on-going problem getting good art,  I have to work on that but the Page needed to be changed now.

2) I rescued this story from a blog that wasn't working. It's like revisiting old unsuccessful territory.

3) A blog works in the same way that the Page works. A reader constantly has to scroll up and down to get to the beginnings of chapters. This is quite an old blog lay out. If I get a new one I may be able to link chapters within a page to their chapter names.

4) I want to leave all my publishing options open.

How I have changed the Page.

1) I summarized Chapters 1-10

2) I'm presenting Chapter names in the same order that the chapters appear.

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