Friday, December 26, 2014

Re-inventing Christmas.

Christmas Decorations in 2014
The austerity of the past few Christmases appears to be over with this re-invention of the Christmas ambience.

I always used to organise a real pine tree, real candles and all the decorations gathered over the eagle-chick's childhood years. And kept it up for for or five years after he left the nest.

Then I let it all go and for a few years had nary a pine branch, a candle or any bits of glitter.

I bought the lights this year. Impulse at Woollies. Was able to lay my hands on the handmade Christmas cards from previous years easily (without having to fetch a ladder from the garage, reach through the manhole into the ceiling cavity and root around for the Christmas decorations stowed there for the year), and added in the cards of these year pegging them to a bright cloth.

I love the little LED lights. Great invention. You can have bright and cheer without the worry of fires. Or extra heat. They reflect everywhere, multiplying the effect.

Christmas Day we joined the extended family for a wonderful dinner cooked by the middle pair of sisters, augmented by the older pair of sisters. The youngest pair of sisters helped set the table. The party played out over the deck and in the pool.

Today we had one of those uncomfortably hot and humid Boxing Days. Perfect couch-potato weather. That with the smoke in the air from a bushfire somewhere up the road led to having the air-con on in the daytime.

And watching TV communally. The cricket. The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. And later laughing shamefacedly at the world's funniest home videos.

Special food this year was all bought in. Cooked sliced pork and smoked salmon. Quinoa salad with shaved coconut, slivered almonds and coriander. A lettuce and tomato salad. Blueberries. A selection of Turkish Delight for dessert.

Is Boxing Day a tradition through the whole English speaking world? Or only Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada?

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