Monday, January 5, 2015

About the Organisation of this Blog

In the same way that early morning mist is an element of the weather, sentences
are an element of stories. I chose this image to illustrate that metaphor. 

This blog post is purely me thinking through the blog re-jigging process and the results. 

While re-organising the 'labels' section, I lost some of the specificity possible with an anything-goes system of up to a hundred labels but the long tail of one-time posts on the many topics wasn't helpful to anybody, least of all myself.

Specificity in this case is out-weighed by easier usage, I'm hoping. I've ended up with about 43 labels in three loose groups.

First level elements are the ones we start with. Ideas, which are headed as "Ideas: where from". Bricks such as words, sentences, punctuation are listed as-is ... For example "words", "world-building".

There is of course a fair bit of overlap. "Worldbuilding" can thought of as an element as well as a process. "Writing" can be an activity, a craft, or the putting-together-of-all-the-other elements.

Second level elements about the processes involved in writing a fiction work, and getting it to market are prefaced with "about". For example "about book covers".

Ancillary elements and processes are denoted by descriptive phrases such as "story of my life" and "fiction to learn from".

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