Friday, January 2, 2015

Blog Re-jigged, Stage 3

I finally got brave enough after 5 years to re-theme, to Simple, the look of my blog. A change of colour scheme, width of posting window, simplification of the bits and pieces surrounding.

After reading +John Ward  discussing how social media works and how to build a following, I realised I've been very haphazard and that that is probably the reason I have some way to go attracting a following.

Plenty of food for thought. What was I actually try to achieve on my blogs? Written in longhand, in my journal. It's one of the ways to my best thinking.

My conclusions? On Mullum Yard I write about the way The Story is built, which for me is The Story of Life/Nature. On that blog I talk about basic elements such as species; how and why they interact in their immediate habitat; how habitats work in their ecosystems; how we - humans - adapt Nature to our needs, and how we adapt ourselves to Nature where its forces are too great to control. 

On this blog, Story Is, I write about the way the fiction kind of story is built. With what elements, how these elements influence one another, what happens as a result sometimes.

I talk about elements like words, sentences, punctuation and grammar; how to get meaning embodied in them; about the need for characters, plot, setting and narrative; about what metaphor does, how and why we need it; and I talk about causality, synchronicity and co-incidence, serendipity, and symbolism.

I've done this by describing what these processes are like for me, and by examples, films I've watched, books I've read and a few of the stories I've written.

I can see, though, that instead of telling and showing through examples, I have to learn to write in such a way that my readers can experience what I'm learning and take that away with them.

It's a new-to-me way of looking at blogging.

Let me know if I'm succeeding? Failing? There's a new, shorthand communication device at the bottom of the post.

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