Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kosi Lionhair etceteras

How easy would it be if I could use my favourite crystal wand (Thank you Mullum Music Festival Tree Fairies) and saying Abacadabra *  *  * * * have the whole of the Kosi Lionhair saga so far installed on Wattpad. 

Investigated it yesterday, though as most of you will know, I'm not one of the faeries, only a behind the scenes organiser, and so "Wattpad, here I come!" means I get there maybe next week. I will let you know. 

What I did forget to mention to Saturday Sceners and the blog's regular readers, is that I have updated the Kosi Lionhair page so that you can read up and including last fortnight's instalment, 15: The Life Lottery Intake, here. 

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