Friday, January 2, 2015

Labels and Tags

Tags as in Meta data,
not Graffiti ... though I'm interested in that too. 
The haphazardness of my system of labelling was thrown to the fore when I renewed the blog. The new look resulted in an unending column of labels, sign-posting at most just 1 or 2 references. Uninteresting, and all but useless to my prospective readers.

‘Tags’ are a keyword or term assigned to a piece of information to make it found more easily by internet processes. ‘Labels’ are Blogger language for ‘tags’.

Tags allow your information, blogs, ebooks, stories etc to be found. And even, sometimes, by dint of clever and serendipitous tagging, to be thrust into the spotlight of Google’s first results page!

Another reason for not wanting to wipe my labels completely is that labels can be useful to human readers too. It’s how I use labels on other people’s sites, a back-door way into the articles I’m interested in, something like an index or list of contents, shown on every page.

Because while nearly all blogs now have a Search Box, in the upper right or left corners, I find it difficult sometimes to think up the right search word to type in to get the answer I want. Sometimes my brain works in a different way to Google’s best trawlers. 
What works for me, and might work for some of you too, is seeing a list of possibilities that I can pick and choose from.

As a once-upon-a-time reading teacher, I've always appreciated the over-engineering that allows users to get info from the world wide web in a multiplicity of ways. 

When just one method is touted as the best and only way to learn, the failure rate is high. In whatever arena. 

Wikipedia’s report on meta tags.

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