Learning iPad

Fright of my Life, R de Heer
Getting to grips with my not new any longer ipad is easier with something else to learn than just the slips and slides.

First I tried Valiant Hearts, a game. A historical WW1 game. I soon came to the limits of my speed and am stuck on some level that requires a couple of fell moves I no longer have in me. A question of reflexes.

Next is the sliding blocks game Shades. I'm still learning from it but not much.

Moving on.

I wanted something that would give me some useful skill, apart from being able to work the ipad.

Hit on ProCreate finally. While not free, I've already got my money's worth in meditational entertainment. It's quite calming to spend an hour 'finger-painting' (that's what I am up to) and producing imagery.

The crying sky is my limit, as you can see.


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