Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Metaphors for Living

Some of the Roads that My Inner Shaman Travels
Kali, Christ, the Goddess of All, God, the Holy Trinity, Maja, Shiva, and all the others are metaphors for proscribing how to live a moral life.

Metaphors for living are all the ways in which we get in touch with our own minds; and more, according to Jungian psychology, the way in which we get in touch with the Collective Unconscious.

To me the Collective Unconsciousness refers to the archetypes we all have imprinted in our DNA. These archetypes influence everything we do, everything we think consciously and unconsciously.

To me the Collective Unconsciousness is NOT the magical space beloved of New Agers that connects us to everything, all and the universe; and is imagined to be an amorphous all-containing cloud-like entity.

My archetypal inner shaman told me this morning to get my house in order. She is not going to give me any more solutions to story-problems until I have fixed up the big important thing that has fallen from my radar.

It's a bit like fortune telling, guessing what my unconscious mind thinks I should be doing.
Contacting the dentist about that split cap?
Ordering the owl prints from Spots to Dots.com?
Scanning the receipts for the Brunswick Valley Landcare Treasurer?

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