Monday, January 12, 2015

What's in a Name?

Book Cover by Ethan Patrick Harris
As I begin to spruik my novel Monster-Moored, people are starting to ask me ... Why Tardi Mack?

What kind of name is that for a hero?

I live in a Rainbow Region, where hippies settled after a Woodstock-like event.

Since the Nimbin Festival people have made up new and meaningful names for their new babies, a custom that will continues into the area's future.

Tardi's mother, a Stormy-daughter, wanted her baby to be called Trader. Stormies respect traders.

Tardi's father, Herm, couldn't spell in his excitement, and mangled the name on the birth announcement form.

Tardi himself changed it to something manageable as soon as he could read and write it.

Herm used the brand of his first truck as his surname. At first to distinguish himself from all the other Herm's in his family, then from pride in his business, TLF&EC The Local Freight & Eventing Company. Eventually everyone forgot he had a 17-letter Greek family name.

Tardi never knew it.

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