Friday, February 20, 2015

A No Writing Day

Yes. You read that right. A Friday, without anything being written or even edited.

The Brunswick River in Flood

I was too restless. Thinking about the weather kept me going most of the day. Now it is still. No wind. Still raining. Though not very heavily. 

We still haven't had our brush of the tail-end of the cyclone. It's doing its thing to Brisbane, then will clean out the Gold Coast. By the time it gets to us it'll just top up the tropical low we have been having for the last three days. But that's all right. 

The above is the result of the 'normal' tropical low that ran concurrently with all the other bad weather, 150 mm of rain (6 inches) that translates to about 250 mm (10 inches) on the ranges and that all has to come down a short tortuous 52 km river to the sea. Flash flooding is the correct terminology. 

But when we do get the wind, I'm expecting that we will lose grown trees. They are sitting in the wet ground. It won't take much to rip them out and throw them over. 

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