Monday, February 9, 2015

Writing a Serial: One Problem

Heart-story: Dewdrops and open seedcase on spiderwebbing

In the same way that all these natural elements make up a special little story in nature, so do all the instalments of Kosi Lionhair make up a whole integrated story. 

Or are meant to. 

I have to keep remembering that (1) the elements that I have in the caption to this pic have essentially nothing to do with each other, and have come together serendipitously to be named Heart Story.  

(2) But the bits of Kosi Lionhair are meant to make up a complete integrated story.

One of the problems I have trying to make that come true, is that I can't go back and salt in detail I've only just thought of. As in things that I'm inventing in the present, can't be related to things in the past of the story. Meaning the serialization is in danger of becoming an ongoing sequence of barely tied together events. 

I've already begun to write taking a longer run up, working on three instalments at the time, so I can at least tie detail into up to five instalments. 

One of the problems of being a pantser,  of course. (Plotting on the run, plotting by sliding on the seat of your pants.) As a pantser, I discover things about the world as I'm writing. Normally, IE when I'm not serialising, I can go back forward anywhere to fit in new detail. I feel very constrained in my present serial. 

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