Saturday, March 14, 2015

Reading, Writing, Writing, Writing.

A story is as ephemeral as clouds before it is written down, or memorised, or told. 

I've been reading #Saturdayscenes, the local newspaper, brochures and leaflets
for I cannot read a novel while I am writing one.

I've been editing Tech Wizard Bard one last time. Found out just now I missed at least one passive sentence.

I've been writing a second draft of the Cele King and the Alien story. It's the hard grind, the have-to, the sit-down-and-do-it story. It's the prequel to Monster-Moored and I can't take its protagonist further in his story until I have the Cele King and her grand daughter waiting for him at the Reefarium.

And I've been writing Amble's Story. It's a first draft, just getting my ideas down. I write long hand and shorthand, with biro and by keying in. I'm very partial to Amble just now.

And very conscious of a story's kinship to clouds before it is written down.

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