Saturday, April 4, 2015

Nuancing The Game of Thrones

As I began to read The Game of Thrones once more, feeling myself get involved with the characters and seeing them in my memory in their filmic characters, I realized that the texts and TV series will forevermore be intertwined in my experience of the Song of Ice and Fire series.

It struck me then, that what I was experiencing, were two different nuances of the story, a double serving of the different ways that the story has been and is being told.

Reading the book, I am nuancing it, and viewing the TV version I am nuancing it, albeit a a set of different but overlapping nuances. An audio version would still be that story but yet another set of nuances.

Nuancing can be reading, listening to another reading such as in an audiobook, viewing a film or a TV version. Even spending time on is nuancing.

Books, film and audio-files are all different modes of story delivery. Adding drama, dance and video gaming and we are starting to get a collection of modes for story delivery. Each mode, due to its inherent characteristics, can give us a slightly different experience, or nuance, of a story.

'Nuancing' in this interpretation of the word, could mean enjoying, taking in a story in any of its delivery systems. I can already imagine the following conversation:

"I've just nuanced Tow Sawyer."
"Oh? What media? The film?"
"No. The podcast."

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