Saturday, July 11, 2015

Editing: Keeping the Subsequent Drafts Apart in my Mind

Graffiti on the local water tower
One frustrating thing about rewriting a novel of some length is trying to remember the version in hand. A bit like looking at ten layers of graffiti and wondering which you liked best.

When the particular book has been on the boil for a while, say five or six years, and the older versions have worn a groove in your brain, the draft in hand can be difficult to keep in the forefront of your awareness. 

At least I'm assuming some of you have the same problem. The beauty of the internet, there is always someone with similar problems. 

Hence I have again begun printing my newest draft out as I go. A couple of pages at the time, after each session. This after a few years managing everything on the computer. I find I've got too much history now with Monster-Moored to be able to recall just the latest words I wrote. This is especially the case where I'm making big changes. The older more familiar decisions keep popping up, like palimpsest ghosts, and confusing the new story no end. 

Tardi's love interest now is Del. This is big, and entails some lively rewriting. I bit that particular bullet because only Del continues into part two. Might as well look to the future and give her a bit more work.

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