Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Embroideries: Hastening Away

Hastening Away by R de Heer

In this little stitchery I have three little creatures hastening away from hot times to cooler, more verdant places. My intention was to form these creatures from the pale negative space in a pattern of aqua squiggles on a darker ink wash. 

Where their anatomy was colonised by the two latter elements I fudged and framed and finagled the background detail to cover the pattern and wash, to leave the critters their substance. 

The title came to me after I had taken the scrap from the ring. 

I always use Exotic Lights by Colour Streams now for the stitching. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Learning to Read: Het Leesplankje

Resharing this blogpost from July 2, 2012, I was still not able to get an illustration. At least could add a website where to have a look. 

Desperate to get an illustration of the object itself, I tied my computer into knots several times. It's still frozen several layers below this one and it refuses to let me close it. Words will have to do this time, and if you are totally interested check out this link, http://www.het-leesplankje.nl 
where is a nice pic of one with an explanation of the whole scheme.

I learned to read on a ‘leesplankje’. Aap, noot, mies were the first words. Aa p was printed under a picture of an organ grinder’s monkey dressed in a little red jacket sitting on a house gutter.

N oo t was under a walnut against a blue background. 

A tabby cat sitting on a cream gravel path with grass and a paling fence in the background, represented m ie s, a popular cat’s name at the time ...

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Embroideries: In the Beginning

In the Beginning, designed and embroidered by R de Heer
Story: In the beginning there was an area of cracks in a lava field. If you climbed the steel tower at the edge of the lava field all the way to the top, and looked across the lava, you would see the flames in the cracks and the smoke still venting from the most recent eruption. 

Notes: This scrap of fabric, a delicate velvet, didn't stand up well to being stretched in an embroidery hoop. Impossible to press out the creases. The wavy watery sculptural pattern made it a test to come up with an idea. I could've stayed with the water and waves, but I like to see if I can subvert a fabric's original pattern. 

Additional Materials: The embroidery floss is Exotic Lights, a 100% silk floss from Colour Streams. I like to work with a split thread, one of three in this yarn. The embroidery floss frequently got hung up in the velvet which I therefore suspect to have an artificial component. As a result, the stitching became loopy and not as neat as I would've liked.